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With styles for every level, our yoga classes are perfect for both beginners and advanced students. Feel release from the physical and mental stresses of our modern-day lives with our dynamic flow classes. Take a class and discover your own strength and flexibility that will leave you feeling wonderful. and . Our friendly teachers will guide you through your practice and offer modifications and variations for all levels of experience.

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Combining the power of pilates with the flow of yoga and the targeted control of ballet, Barre is fun, rewarding, and delivers a velvet touch fitness-punch. Using light hand weights, balls, and resistance bands to target all the major body parts, our signature Barre classes are all about good times, improved cardio fitness, and a noticeable improvement in the strengthening and conditioning your body.

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Sculpt & Tone

Light up your body and build deep core strength with Sculpt. The perfect blend of using weights for strength and conditioning and delicious yoga flows interspersed through the class for release, you'll simultaneously train your body and your brain. This class will leave you standing taller, feeling stronger, and moving more confidently in your body.

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